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Enigma Teeth

Unique Enigma Characteristics

Hardness and Durability

The hardness and durability of Enigma teeth are achieved through:

  • a system of double cross linking using specially developed polymers and cross linking agents giving a network of interpenetrating polymer chains.
  • precise computer dosing control of the layers required for each individual tooth in each mold.
  • precise computer control of the polymerization process.

Enigma teeth are therefore manufactured to be extremely durable as can be seen from the comparisons below.

Comparative weight loss on abrasion (internal test method)
Solvent resistance
(chloroform) test
Colour stability (heat) test
Chart. Photo of teeth. Photo of teeth.

Bond to Acrylic

Bonding test between different brands of teeth and acrylic. ISO 3336

Despite their outstanding hardness and durability Enigma teeth exhibit excellent bond strength to methyl methacrylate denture bases. It should however be noted that some base materials have lower bond strengths to many brands of teeth. It is therefore recommended to use Enigma Hi-Base which has been extensively tested with Enigma teeth.


Opalescence and Fluorescence

Natural tooth enamel is opalescent, which adds to its translucency without making it look grey. This effect has been built into Enigma tooth enamel. The natural healthy tooth also fluoresces under UV lighting as does Enigma. So a denture made using Enigma teeth reflects and retracts light arriving from from different directions mimicking the beauty and vitality of natural living teeth.

Wide Shade Range

Enigma teeth are provided in the 16 standard shades A1-D4 in every mold. The same vitality can be found across the whole Enigma shade range with even the very light A1 and B1 containing subtle variations in colour and translucency.

Matching Posterior Teeth

enigma teeth.The complex colour blending of the anteriors is carried through to the posteriors so that their cusps mimic those of natural teeth. The darker neck colour adds to the feeling that here too a superior tooth is being used. Enigma posteriors have high strength, high resistance to wear, and the same bond strength to the denture base as the anteriors.

Mold Charts

Download Enigma mold charts in PDF (865 KB) or click a thumbnail below.

D Tapered / K Tapered Square/Oval Lower/Posterior
Mold Chart. Mold Chart. Mold Chart.
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Download Enigma conversion chart (PDF 106 KB)