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Centric-Line & Myerson Teeth

Centric-Line Posterior Teeth

Finally a Tooth Design to Satisfy Both Patient and Dentist

The linear occlusal design of these Centric-Line posterior teeth is successful because it has one dimensional contact.

Porcelain Molds

16S = 30.4/30.0
16M = 32.2/32.4

Note: The approximate width in millimeters of the four posteriors on one side (2 molars and 2 bicuspids)


Centric-Line posterior teeth.Centric-Line posteriors are available in porcelain with the exclusive linear occlusal design.

Centric-Line posteriors are specifically designed for increased denture stability and wearing comfort. The "knife-like" cutting action of the Centric-Line posterior

  1. Increases chewing efficiency,
  2. Decreases occlusal trauma,
  3. Eliminates lateral forces

Excellent in all applications.

Centric-Line teeth are successfully utilized in overdenture treatment with implants and for patients with advanced alveolar bone resorption (no lower ridges). Posteriors are approximately 0°.

Myerson M-O Posterior Teeth

Myerson M-O (Metal Occlusal) Posterior Teeth have a time-proven design for maximum masticating efficiency with minimum vertical and horizontal stress to the supporting ridges. The thin ribbon of Vitallium® that extends very slightly beyond the occlusal surface of the tooth presents a number of important functional advantages that cannot be found in any other posterior tooth available.

Myerson M-O Posterior Teeth.
TMLTU M-O Posteriors - 1x6 Light Upper
TMMDU M-O Posteriors - 1x6 Medium Upper
TMDKU M-O Posteriors - 1x6 Dark Upper
TMLTL M-O Posteriors - 1x6 Light Lower
TMMDL M-O Posteriors - 1x6 Medium Lower
TMDKL M-O Posteriors - 1x6 Dark Lower